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Drinks at the Golf Tavern

Pubs in Edinburgh are renowned for their hospitality and welcoming atmosphere, and the Golf Tavern is definitely no exception. We have handpicked the finest in the country from Scotland’s top independent brewers to our extensive malt whisky and spirit range and our extensive drinks menu. We have over 30 whiskies and 15 gins to select from.


Craft Beer Tasting

Every Monday from 8th June 2015...

If you enjoy beer, and love sampling the array of craft ales that have cropped up in recent years, why not host a beer tasting for friends and sample a range of the best brews from the UK, Europe and the US, featuring microbrewery beers and ales.

As you taste a selection of 8 beers you’ll find out how the beer is made and discover the different styles from IPAs, wheat beers and Porters to craft lagers and fruit flavoured beers. We’ll taste some of our own favourite beers & brewers and select your new favourite tipple!

The tasting is £35 per person
with 8 beers to taste,
with a minimum charge for 10 guests.